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I made a new tumblr months ago so if you want to follow my new one, message me! I’m not on it as much and I’ve gotten lazy following people back OTL


Ok guys now I’m outright asking for money for The Muted, my final thesis project in film school.  Yea I know it’s “school” but we actually HAVE a budget for this one (for good reason) and still being in school we can’t put all of the money to it.

Right now we have $110.  Yea that sounds like a lot in terms of food but making a film, well, that can feed our crew for at least one day, maybe two depending on how we stretch it, but that’s it.

We still need to get props, sets, paint for sets, wardrobe, makeup, equipment, MORE food, marketing and distribution, misc. costs (gas and the like), and more.

The lowest amount you can donate is one dollar.  A chocolate bar is more expensive than a dollar.

If you follow me and even know me a bit, I’d imagine you’d know that movies and films are my life.  This is what I want to do with my life, and this could help me get noticed if it looks amazing (I’m responsible for sets, wardrobe, props, the LOOK of the film) which is worth SO much in this industry.

So if you can spare a buck (or more), throw it here.

I’m also not going to be active on this one so message me if you want my new one. 

One of my guy friends crossdressed as a girl yesterday and he looks so goddamn cute. :( He looks better than me… LOL

I’m starting to get really scared of dogs humping me… I’m okay with dogs, just not when they’re trying to hump me… -___________- My friend’s dog did that and my teacher’s dog just did it to me today… And I’m pretty sure both were neutered (I know my friend’s is for sure)

Slowly becoming traumatized lol

Friend got it for me as a bday present. UGH. THE BEAUTY
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Friend got it for me as a bday present. UGH. THE BEAUTY

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Okay. I made a new tumblr so if you want it, message me. I’m not deleting this one, but I won’t be on this one as much. I’m going to be very slowly re-following people on that account since I’m trying to control amount of daily posts on my dashboard @.@